Wednesday, July 25, 2012

07/21 Visit Home

I'm just back off a long weekend at the family homestead.  This, as always, gave me an excellent opportunity to work out with those members of the Bujin clan, and its extended family, from southern Illinois.  For those that were there, below is the video from the exercise.  I had some trouble from time to time with playback.  Hopefully, this is a hardware issued with my player on this end.

For those from up north who weren't there, have fun noticing how rusty my stand up is.  Enjoy:

In this, you'll also hear Clay try to figure out the camera and my recommendations for the Walking Dead.  Go figure.

Clay and I.

If I'm not mistaken, Clay actually references this little effort to keep us all in touch in this bit.

Tim, my first coach, and I working.  Yes, I felt as rusty and timid as I look while working stand up.  It's a risk of spending a bulk (like all recently) of one's time working BJJ.

Great training day guys.  Had a blast.  Enjoy the vids. I hope they're useful.