Monday, October 29, 2012

10/27/12 Chicago S7

Okay,  so I've been slacking.  Luckily, it's because I've been training.  For those who didn't realize, those down south are the obvious ones but let's face it- the organization did a lousy job of promoting its event, last weekend was the first S7 submission grappling event in Illinois. 

It's a new promotion put on by Herb Dean and a couple other of the UFC affiliated refs. The rules are slightly different than your standard IBJJF clone systems and they place a high premium on advancement to submission, awarding primary points for submission efforts.

I like the idea, and in practice I like the system.  However, it will take some tweaking and ref education to make perfect. I hope it gets the chance.  It was a very strong showing for Triton and personally, a pretty great day for me.  Gold in my division and gold in the absolute. 

Thanks coach, and everyone else.  Here's the footage of the weekend:

 And bout 2:

First absolute match:

And the absolute finals:

All in all an absolutely amazing day.  Thanks to everyone who had a hand in getting my game where it is.  And thanks to my coach, Mike, who kept me on track the whole day, despite having his own divisions to take care of.  Here's Mike with the most beautiful arm bar I've ever seen:

Well, that's it for now.  See you soon.