Saturday, May 25, 2013


Over the Memorial Day weekend, I once again got to go visit the original clan in Newton.  We spent a lot of time doing all kinds of things; however, we did do a disproportionate amount of time grappling.  Fine by me, but I always enjoy getting back to my roots of attack and defend drills.
That said, all we got video on was the ground work.  So, for the evaluative process, here are the results:

There you go guys, hope it's useful. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Stealing and Calling it Research

Recently, a good friend of mine got to attend a Lucas Lepri seminar our east.  Obviously, I was jealous.  Being a good friend, Steve-o was considerate enough pass on some of what he learned in that seminar.  Below are a set of links to the video notes we took last month when we got a chance to get together and take a look at some things. 

Here's what we went over:

A big thanks for the deep half guard tips.  Back in the day this is what we called "steal it and call it research".  At least we give credit to where we steal it from.  Thanks again, Steve-o! 

05182013 Rickson Gracie Seminar

First up, yes, that's me and Rickson Gracie.  Yeah, I was pretty stoked.  Rickson had a seminar nearby over the weekend.  I can tell you having had the opportunity to train with him, that this man is operating on an entirely different plane of jiu jitsu.

I felt like a jiu jitsu bomb went off in my head and I might have to spend the next few years sorting it out.  He taught from the concept of sharing principles rather than just technique and demonstrated those concepts across a wide array of positions.  Absolutely amazing experience that I would do again in a heartbeat. 

Thanks to Master Rickson for taking the time to share so much of his jiu jitsu with us!

FMA Knife Work for Police Control Tactics

So, I routinely carry on conversations with several individuals around the country that I've come to know in regards to police control tactics.  We spend time bantering about tactics, techniques, and training methods and largely preaching to the choir.  Occasionally, one of us finds something of particular interest to the others.

After having the fantastic luck to train with Prof. Harris a few times over the last couple of years, we've come away with some great looks at not only methodologies but specific tactics as well.  I know a few of my friends that check in have similar interest, so in the interest of sharing I'll pass on this little video we made to answer a couple of questions that come up in our little discussion group.

Hopefully, not only do the  movements come across but the unique methodology does as well.