Tuesday, January 31, 2012

01/28 Mikey Swafford Seminar

On the 28th, I got the opportunity to join the Triton MMA gym here in Woodstock for a seminar given by Mikey Swafford, a BJJ black belt with extensive time on the mat with the Gracie family. The gym's owner, Mike Budnik kindly extended the invitation and it was well worth the time. 

One of the things that constantly blows me away about BJJ is the technical detail.  One of the hallmarks of a good instructor is his ability to show you details of moves you've used for years and make them better.  Mikey defiantly did this with a huge emphasis on being comfortable on the mat no matter your position.

The list of things we went over sounds simple: defending the side mount, defending the back mount, escaping from scarf, but the idea behind each was broken down into such functional components it was hard not to be impressed.  Also, he took on the concept of "connection" as Rickson Grace talks about it.  It was an eye opener to say the least.

Thanks again, guys.  Here are some stills from the seminar:


Here's me, Mikey Swafford (left) and Mike Budnik (right):

I've been focusing on the material this week during open mat and it's been very beneficial.  On the docket for later this week is doing a video of the notes I took after the seminar.  I'll get it up for everyone later in the week.

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