Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rules Update Delayed

The rumors of rules changes abound for the IBJJF:

However, as of this morning, there is still no official word on the IBJJF website.  I know that this does not shock anyone.  If we're lucky, they'll get around to posting the 2012 changes about the time the Mayan calendar expires.  The persistent think I kept hearing was that the organization was going to mandate membership down to brown and perhaps purple this year.   If you've looked into this process, you know it's a train wreck.  Still, I can't imagine that they've waited this long with tournaments coming up to alter the process that much, so in this let's work under the "no news is good news" paradigm.

On another note, the Tuesday nite extracurricular session at my place is a go.  Sounds like it Ron and Alan so far.  Everyone feel free despite the distance.     

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