Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Working Problem Areas

Things worked out the last couple weeks during class for me as Chris spent time coaching us on breaking the guard.  Normally, I play a pretty passive game waiting for a closed guard player to open up to attack and then captalizing on him deciding to open the guard for me.  It's a great game. 

However, after reviewing footage of a match I lost to advantages last year, I became aware that if I'm working against a strong closed guard player, in the time limit constraints of a match, I'd better have a plan to get moving.  Here's the match:

I get warned for stalling, and he gets an advantage just because I play posture for too long.  It's kind of painful to watch, but such is the reason for video debriefs.  So, we'll I'll be putting those tactics from the last week or so of class into my arsenal for March.

Anyone have anything else that's cost them a bout or two over the years?  Let's work on it.


  1. Thanks for working on positions tonight guys. I actually got to working breaking the guard quite a bit.

  2. Do you guys use many standing guard breaks? I've had good luck with them lately.