Saturday, February 25, 2012

Final Week Observations

One week out  now to the IBJJF here in Chicago.  So far, so good.  Prep has gone well, lots of extra mat time (thanks all), and regular conditioning.  A few observations about my training cycle this time around will probably go far in helping me next time around.  Turns out despite competing for a while you can learn something new about the process each time.

As we move into the last week of this, I've noticed another reason to shorten my train up next time.  BJJ has started to feel like work.  I guess if you want to win World Championships it needs to a little.  But that's not my goal.  I compete because it's fun.  I train in lead up to tournaments because it's fun.  Today I noted I was a little less excited to be on the mat.  Eight weeks is too long at this pace for me.  It's become work.  Noted, as before, I'll fix that next time.

As for this time, I'm pulling the extra workouts next week.  I was going to scale back to light rolling, stick to techniques, ect.  But I'm pulling all the way back to my normal routine of somewhere around three sessions per week.  In fact, I'm strongly considering just hitting up two, using some light cardio to keep the weight in check. 

In addition to getting some much needed recovery (again, I've found I'm not 25 anymore) I think what will be more important is getting my mindset back into the fun of jiu jitsu.  I want to love stepping on the mat each time I do it.  Even at the tournament. 

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