Thursday, February 16, 2012

Training Methods

For you traditional guys, or at least those that started out in a trad art, that I know that aren't wasting their free time over on Karate Forums talking about fighting arts, this thread:

is a perfect example of why you should be.

It's been running on and off for a few weeks now and is discussing the merits and disadvantages of kata training in karate.  Well, it starts there and digs into what is kata and then what is karate as a whole.  You can go anywhere on the web and throw mud about someone's ideas.  The great thing about KF is the ability to have an in depth discussion with artists across a wide range of backgrounds civilly with intelligent points being brought on out each side.

If you've ever been in a traditional art, this discussion is worth your time.  Regardless of your background, Karate Forums is a great place to kick around martial ideas of all sorts.  I know this isn't really BJJ related, but the discussion was so good I couldn't help but pass it along.

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