Thursday, February 23, 2012

Training Camp Woes

Okay, so we're just over two weeks to the Winter Open.  The good news is I've put on a lot (and I mean a lot) of mat time, repped all kinds of technique, worked takedowns a couple of times per week, hit my weights, and managed to be right in the middle of my weight bracket right on time.   Granted, that's a lot of good news.

On the downside, I tweaked my back on Monday night and had to take a light cardio on Tues followed by a full on day off on Wed.  Luckily, it feels better today just in time to head back to my regular night at Ohana.  What this has shown me, is that it's time to acknowledge that I just can't pull off the 8 week training camp any more.

Typically, I try to put on 5-6 mat sessions per week going into a tournament.  Add in 3-4 days of weights and cardio and it gets to be hectic.  Not a problem.   Well, at least in my pre-30's incarnation. 

Even before the back tweak I was worn down, too tired to think, and barely wanting to compete anymore.  It was a wall.  At six weeks I was great.  By the 7th I wanted to be done.  So, lesson learned.  I'm backing off a bit as we approach the Winter Open.

By competing at, pretty much, my standard walk around weight, I've eliminated the need to slowly drain off pounds.  I don't NEED the extra couple of weeks.  And I'm older, with more responsibility and just have less to pour into training.  I get beat up more and need to recover more.  I think next time, six weeks of heavy prep will be far better mentally for me to stay in all the way thru.   

Still, going into this thing now I can really say that if I get beat (a very real and likely possibility going into purple for the first time) it will just flat out be because the other guy is better than me.  I've prepped to the best of my ability.  So, 1.5 weeks and counting.

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