Friday, February 10, 2012

Kron Gracie Interview

I ran across this interview with Kron Gracie on line a bit ago and had to share.  He talks about how to train, comfort, pure jiu jitsu, just about everything that's a big concept in the art. 

He's taken some heat from some circles about his claims that his grandfather "invented" the guard.  I don't know, apparently there is some footage out there from the early 1900's with a Judo or Fusen Ryu guy doing it.  I don't much care, maybe I'll do the reasearch at some point just out of curiosity but I think the people who point out that in this clip are missing the WAY bigger points that he's talking about.

Having grappled for a long time, and done pure BJJ for a while now, I can say that lots and lots of people I've run across haven't grasped these key points.  Some of them are, at their core, complex enough that I'm still sorting them out.  This clip is filled with high level concept.  Everyone should look at what they're doing thru it.

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